remote desktop usage in combination with MultiPress

Working Remotely with MultiPress

Note: This article provides advice based on experiences and feedback from other clients. Dataline does not offer these services and recommends having the setup performed by the company's relevant IT partner.
In today's rapidly changing world, flexible work has become an essential factor for businesses. One of the tools that can assist with this is Remote Desktop. This article discusses why Remote Desktop can be a useful option for remote work situations, but also emphasizes key considerations before getting started. The advice in this article is based on practical experiences, offering insights into potential challenges when using Remote Desktop.

Why Remote Desktop?

Remote Desktop provides employees the ability to access their office computers even when they're not physically present in the office. This means that all files, software, and accounts remain accessible just as they would in the office. As a result, employees can work seamlessly regardless of their location, maintaining an uninterrupted workflow.

Key Considerations

Before delving into Remote Desktop, there are several crucial points to consider:
  1. Setup by IT Partner: To establish Remote Desktop, it's essential to have your IT partner handle the setup. Dataline itself does not participate in this process.
  2. Potential Licensing and Hardware Requirements: Keep in mind that using Remote Desktop might entail the need for licenses or hardware to be set up within your company's IT infrastructure. Consult with your IT partner to understand any necessary investments.
  3. Virtual Private Network (VPN): For a secure connection between the home and work computers, a VPN is necessary. A VPN creates an encrypted tunnel between the computers, making it seem as if you're on the work network, even when working remotely.

Consideration for MultiPress Clients and VPN Usage

While VPNs offer a secure way to access the work network, we strongly advise against solely relying on a VPN connection, especially when using MultiPress workstations. This is due to potential challenges such as:
  1. Bandwidth: VPN connections can consume significant bandwidth, particularly when transferring files between the computer and the network. This can result in delays for tasks like retrieving schedules, reports, and other activities.
  2. Potential Database Issues: When exclusively using MultiPress via VPN, there's a risk of database disruptions. Interruptions in the internet connection could lead to undesirable consequences, like loss of connectivity between the MultiPress server and client.

Remote Desktop and Macintosh Computers

It's important to note that Remote Desktop is not available for Macintosh computers. This means that if you intend to initiate a Remote Desktop session from a Mac, you'll always need to switch to a Windows environment.

Alternative Solution: 3rd Party Software

If the aforementioned options aren't viable, utilizing 3rd party software such as TeamViewer can offer an alternative solution to securely access MultiPress at the office.


Remote Desktop can be a valuable tool for companies aiming to facilitate flexible work. The advice provided is grounded in experiences and feedback from other customers, highlighting the significance of careful planning, collaboration with the IT partner, and attentiveness to potential challenges when using Remote Desktop. For further questions and support, don't hesitate to reach out to Dataline's service department. However, keep in mind that this advice doesn't replace professional IT guidance, and ultimate decisions should be made in consultation with your IT partner, taking into account the specific needs of your company.

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