Basic MultiPress Network Architecture

Basic MultiPress Network Architecture


MultiPress is built based on the 4D structure and 4D language. More info on 4D can be found at

Both the server application and clients make frequent use of the appdata and roaming folders on windows. On mac these are the in the library the Application support folder and cache folder. These previously mentioned locations must always be accessible to the client and server for the correct use of certain functions within the application. Therefore sufficient write, read and change rights must also be assigned to the application.

To use different functionalities of the software, it is recommended to already provide some shared folders or network locations. There is room in the software to refer to both Mac and Windows network paths. Shared folders should therefore be accessible in the same way on each device.

A built-in backup system is available inside MultiPress. This means that you can set it up so that, for example, a backup of the data is taken every night. You can also specify how many backups should be maintained.

It is advisable if you want to entangle or exclude matters of security (virus scanner, firewall, user rights), to first completely exclude the application and then make constructive adjustments.

 Keep in mind that certain options in this schedule are optional. Therefore, deviations are possible.

note* The SQL server (SQL queries) is only used internally by the 4D application server for certain application. It cannot be invoked for any other purpose

Web based barcode application

When performing time recording through the web based barcode application, it is necessary to avoid licensing problems by always using the same browsers and not deleting the cookies.
If you do this, licenses will be registered twice and you might get the message that all licenses are in use while this is not the case. It is therefore important that the system administrator prevents users from doing this.

Web satellite client

The API can work directly on the MultiPress server. For various small applications this is fine. If one is going to do more and more or for example print on the server, we recommend a separate web server. For this you can enable the web satellite client. Keep in mind that this is optional and a quote can be requested for this.

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